About yelomöd

 yelomöd is a cost effective treatment designed to promote skin rejuvenation while blocking harmful rays through the use of a unique flourescent technology that delivers the sun's safe, healthy yellow rays to the skin. yelomöd improves skin tone and reducing wrinkles or skin discoloration due to aging or sun damage.

About blumöd

 Imagine clear skin from a fabric that delivers the therapeutic rays of the sun to the skin. blumöd utilizes and amplifies blue light from the sun to your skin-the same blue light used by professional skin care experts to treat acne. This patent-pending technology also blocks harmful rays up to UPF 50 +.

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What Leading Physicians Think

Dr. Tina Alster

"For those choosing to play and stay outdoors in the sun, SunSoul is the smartest defense against sun damage and skin cancer, SunSoul is a big breakthrough in skincare and the added skin benefits are a remarkable advancement in technology."

Dr. Stephen Mullholland

"Sunsoul's materials are revolutionary. They're opening the door to a new realm in the treatment of skin concerns and are an excellent compliment to in-office procedures."

Watch Dr. Mulholland explain SunSoul and Light Therapy

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